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August 23, 2006


Joseph Froncioni

Thanks for the comments Mikey!

I agree with you to a certain extent but I would put it this way: Imposing the constraints of fuel economy and aerodynamics as designers are apt to do, there is a TREND toward the same general shape for cars. What continues to distinguish the different brands are the bells, whistles and frills designers apply to their cars to satisfy the buyers' FORM demands. Otherwise, all cars designed to go fast would look like F1 cars and all urban vehicles would be SMART CARS.

Keep commenting bro!

Brother Mikey

Hey bro,

In terms of all object serving the same function eventually reducing to a single form.......If you look at the automotive industry, most car manufacturers today, with the exception of the newer hybrids and smart cars, have all been reduced to very similar shapes. In this case, fuel efficiency through improved aerodynamics, was the main or common design input or requirement.

Sometimes, its funny how if you impose certain requirements, things will tend towards the same form or shape.



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