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January 02, 2008


Andy Froncioni

Just to clarify my point further...

Jared Diamond neglects the principal cause of why we don't want, say, China to have Western consumption rates.

The current Chinese population is the result of exponential growth that was eventually halted by a strict Maoist solution. Had this not been the case, China would now have 6 billion people all on its own, and the world population would now stand at over 12 billion.

All populations on earth have witnessed exponential growth rates at some point or other. Growth causes environmental stress. Environmental stress causes drastic change (e.g. Easter Island).

The endgame for humanity will involve a race between intelligent population mangement through education, or cataclysmic population reduction through war, disease, or famine.

My prediction is that lowering consumption will not play a significant role in any meaningful solution.

oliver t griswold

this is a good 20 minute video speaking to our over-consumption of stuff:

Andy Froncioni

Don't feel so bad, Joe. 32 is a linear constant. What you really need to worry about is exponential growth, like the growth we see from large families.

And I'd suggest that a better number is 70. See here:

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