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February 14, 2008



Ah when maths predicts something that is found in nature - or nature predicts something that is found in Maths. This is why I loved Pure maths over Applied Maths - because Pure maths would be the one that linked with nature and Applied maths made too many approximations to fit.

Other examples - the shape of fast fish and of bird wings - maths can show why they are the best shape for the purpose but evolution developed it first. Also occurs with neural networks - or trying to find the most efficent path from a to b in a branched system - our conventional plumbing and electronic structures - for sewers and computer systems is not nearly as efficient as the structures shown by blood vessels and nerve networks. And there's lots more.


Hi Doc,

My ankle is well. It twinges sometimes, even when I am not insistent on teetering about in heels, but that is the price I have chosen to pay for my idea of fashion.

Now, about Gömböc – Finding Consilience. I have read, and reread it. I have even begun to think I understand it. I went to the website and thought of ordering one of the pretty little thingys. But decided I’d rather have a couple pairs or three of shoes instead. I have dreamt about the damn thing.

Please! Please! Please! Write about something new. If not I will remove this Intramedullary Rod myself and whack you over the head until you do.

In other words, I miss your witty writing.



I'm outting myself here, but I'm the lucky recipient of the Gomboc. :-)

I think I understand what it is mathematically, but what struck me most about it is how beautiful it is!

I've yet to find a suitable surface to display it, but I'll be building one soon.

Thanks, Joe, for your generosity and curiosity! :-)





I've been reading your blog for a while and I decided to post a comment now to 1. thank you for taking the time and writing these articles (I really appreciate those 0,1% internet users, who actually contribute for quality content of our “web 2.0”) and 2. tell you how interesting I find your blog. I got here some months ago through a link to the "running shoes" article, and then found myself fascinated by the other themes you write about.

I'm a molecular biotechnologist graduate student, so I share your views (and concerns) about evolution. Currently I’m writing my thesis about biomolecular mechanics and dynamics and I found this blog entry fantastic! I had no idea about the existence of the Gömböc!

Greetings from Germany!

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