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August 12, 2013


Bruce McKenzie

Many years ago I was standing at a function when I noticed an old man shuffle by, cane in hand, arms outstretched for balance. Immediately behind him a toddler shuffled by, same stance, arms outstretched for balance. Both of them sported a wide grin as they moved forward with caution and purpose. I can't get that image out of my head, the the circle of life in one moment of time. This is our lot in life, to age with grace and purpose. To embrace the health we inherit and mold with our individual lifestyles. Regardless Joe the essence of your blog is not about your acceptance of aging but by an acknowledgement that you are surrounded in your life by love. This fact is what helps you age gracefully without bitterness and regret. I was reminded of that when we visited you recently. Love is and will always be what we strive for. It is the passion you feel when you listen to music, laugh heartily at a good joke, look at art or read your favorite poetry. You Joe are a man in love...with life!


Great!! Full of wisdom you are :)

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